Safe, Cheap, Fast LPG Delivery

With an industrially equipped plant and a high-capacity delivery scheme, Flame 1 is ready to dispatch home LPG products to your doorstep. Our home cooking fuel guarantees safety, provide instant heat, and applies to both indoor and outdoor cooking. Deliveries dispatched with safety Flame 1 seals and through delivery trucks.

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LPG for Residential. Commercial. Hotels. Restaurants. Industrial.

High quality and affordable LPG are available for various industrial applications. Flame 1’s LPG is best fit for home use, small business, restaurants, food stalls, and hotels.

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Sealed for Safety

Good quality home LPG for cooking. Sealed for guaranteed safety.

Convenient LPG Home Delivery

Give us a call and we’ll deliver in our service areas within the day.

Full Service LPG

Flame 1 services cover refilling to delivery of LPG.